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Unima group has set itself the goal of being a leading and dominant player in Israeli healthcare.  Unima systematically tracks, researches, and evaluates companies for investment opportunities. Before making an investment, Unima analyzes the company thoroughly, assesses risks and performs a comprehensive downward analysis.The acquisition process is conducted in a very rigorous and selective manner. The reputation of our members and managers gives us a unique opportunity to choose appropriate investments, as well as to build strong relationships with our portfolio companies while creating value and providing top-notch services by building partnerships based on trust and effective working relationships.

UNIMA Group's Investment Strategy

Unima systematically monitors, evaluates and assesses potential investments. Prior to making an acquisition, a thorough analysis of the company, risk assessment and comprehensive scenario analysis is conducted

The Unima team believes in an in-depth familiarity and meaningful partnership with the owners of their subsidiaries and management. We work closely with the founders and management teams to continue to develop their activities

Focus on Hyper-growth companies in healthcare sector that show revenue and profits

Advocates for outside-the-box thinking and creativity to achieve business goals and financial success

Focus on consistently increasing revenue and establishing the bottom line while creating a pleasant work environment and investing in human capital in portfolio companies

Unima has Proven Management Skills & Sophisticated Financial Expertise

Our value-added starts with identifying the potential investment and continues through accretion and fulfillment in the IPO. With a diverse background and experience of over 400 years in the business world, from operations, finance, consulting, accounting, law and ventures, we acquire companies in the healthcare sector that have inherent potential-quality companies with cash flow, attractive growth prospects, status and the ability to generate maximum returns for shareholders. The Group's operational, financial and business experience together with our in-depth understanding of local market dynamics allow us to achieve success and attractive long-term returns, with low relative risk, while maintaining integrity and core values.

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