Mission Statement

Your Business Development Strategy

UNIMA aims to leverage its experience, familiarity with the industry and business relationships in Israel and abroad to help portfolio companies achieve growth, improve profitability and create value. We define a clear business plan, increase revenues, raise capital, develop marketing strategies and take your business to the next level, managing proven methods for business growth and a streamlined financial structure.

Identifying Potential

A smart investment yielding results is reliant on identifying potential BEFORE the breakthrough. This is our area of expertise. We acquire companies in the healthcare industry with inherent potential and improve them. After careful risk calculation, the acquisition is carried out in a methodically organized fashion that produces resultsby improving performance and reaching long-term financial goals and achievements. 

  • Acquisition of controlling stake (50.1%) in each transaction
  • Finding investment opportunities, testing and valuations for potential companies that meet the criteria
  • Financial, legal and professional due diligence
  • Acquisition through equity, investor capital and debt raising
  • Optimizing operational processes, increasing EBITDA by 20-40% by saving operating expenses and synergistic acquisitions / vertical integration
  • Sustainable Growth for several years
  • Exit Strategy by M&A or IPO

Target Criteria

Spin-off (split) of divisions within companies with a specific area of expertise, which is not at the core of the company's business

Company owners who want to retire and do not have a suitable successor

Companies with stable business model and significant sales seeking capital for expansion into new markets

Companies with leading technological/health products/services, with a proven business reflected in sales volume

Companies operating in areas with large scale addressable markets

Companies with the ability to become leading players in their field

Companies with potential to exit via IPO within 5-7 years

Broad customer base

Investment Criteria

חברות קטנות ובינוניות בעלות EBITDA של 5-25 מיליון ש"ח בשנה

Companies with a margin of 20% or higher

Ability to execute exit within 5-7 years of purchase

Companies with a realistic business model and an existing product

Businesses with proven operating profitability

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